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Found 10th Oct 2009

I have an SLK merc which needs a repair . Its basically a fault coming up on the screen saying the ESP is faulting.
I took it in to the local MERCEDES dealer/ garage and they charged me £60 to run tests that basically reset the computer. They found nothing wrong , but suspect this fault message came up due to the low voltage of the battery . As the car isnt used that much we discussed it was probaly that as when the computers system was reset the ESP fault wasn't showing up ..

Acouple of weeks later the same fault message is coming up , but again the car has been hardley used. I have had the car for 3 years now ( its 4 years old) and it is used scarcely , but it has never had any problems untill now .

Does anyone know if the KWIKFIT or know of a ga-rage that can be trusted to rectify this issue? Or shall I just go back to Merceded to fix it ?

Any advise appreciated. thanks

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Take it back to the dealer and say their original repair didn't work. They shouldn't recharge you as the fault remains.

When they repaired it the first time the should have recorded the mileage and will easily see that you haven't used it much. So as moob says, take it back to the dealer.

HP Motorsports are good and cheap. They specialised in Porsche but when I passed the other week they had a sign saying they do all German makes. They are 5 mins from the A12.

Unit 6a
Bracken Industrial Estate
185 Forest Road
tel: 020 85002510

please dont take your car to kwik fit they will look at your car as if they were cave men and break something else proper cowboys

Take it back they shouldnt charge you again to run a diagnostic ,

I would advise starting and running the car at least on a weekly basis.
If you don't the battery won't last so long and the light will keep on coming on. If the voltage gets very low it may be new battery time unfortunately.
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