Mercedes Coupe - Advice wanted.

Hello, Fellow HotUKdealers,

Am in the market for a Mercedes Coupe! I'll be honest - Don't know much about cars!

Am looking for a C class - Currently been looking a C220 Kompressors / C180 etc/. - I just love the 'back' of these cars! (Have a bit of a fetish for a large derrier! lol)

Would be low engine - 1.8 - 2.2 ish - for insurance purposes.

From people's experience etc, what is the consumption of petrol like on your cars?

Any advice / discuss, would be much appreciated.


lol sarah - im an slk driver - i find the clk to big for me - i only qualified in drivivng say 3 years ago and for me an clk would be to large . I say this for me personally , im a good driver , but lacked confidence at the beggining , so parking etc would be a problem withthe clk to begin with.

a kompressor is a model of merc , and most clks that are newer come with this ie 2005 onwards.

are u buying new/ second hand?

personally, dont buy one way over priced, if you are looking for an SLK, you would be SO much better off buying either a Nissan 350Z or a BMW Z4 Coupe, they are better looking cars and also just a generally better car If you do decide to go for a Merc, go for an AMG, but go with what denandyas said, get an SLK not a CLK, the CLK's are huge! HTH

ohh poo just read your post- yes the c class is a decent car and quite good for manovering . not as big as clk class , but wasnt aware they were coupe...thought clk was not the c class hatch back

If you want something just have it those engine sizes should return 35 ish per gal I would think overall :thumbsup:

danny09 - hey there , slk is a good looking car , but the post 2004 new faace lift model only - the one withthe uninose- lol

i guess its personal preferance at the end of the day , but check it out on the net and have a good look at looks as well as performance.

i know this is a stupid point but do remember mercs are expensive to maintain and service , and unless u have a trusted non merc mechanic i would only service at merc - which is expensive

Was'nt the question on fuel consumption are you lot a bit tired

ps my slk does about 30 ish to the gallon its a 200k - the girly one ....

amg is the sporty racing engine type - usually more expensive but if you go second hand you can get a good deal - with some amg mercs they CAN have a slighty different body ie the slk some have an amg face lift model .

Original Poster

Hey All, thanks for all the comments!

I'll be purchasing second hand - Looking at this atm:

Just love the shape!!

Really am thinking of getting one. Just worried about maintaining it / petrol costs.…e=p

nice car .......

read parkers for car reviews and other facts and figures .....

do you know a decent mechanic ? failing this i would / have used kwik fit who have a guarentee system and are big company so if there is wrong doing you can claim.

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Kwik fit? To look over the car? I was thinking of taking an independent assessor along with me to check the car over! Think it;'l cost about a £100 odd pounds. I like the sound of the guarantee system A bit cautious of buying off private sellers - Am a cynic, always think there must be a reason why people are selling!

no i didnt mean that - i meant to service it at kwik fit -

to look over it get rac / aa / greeenflag or a friend mechanic ....

i'm a private seller of a cars - as long as you check all the documents , get a rac check and inspect the car you will be fine .

Original Poster

Thank u denandyas.

no worries any other questions let us know
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