Mercedes ML 320 Petrol - What MPG Does it Get?

Posted 9th Jun 2008

Anyone who has the above car (year 2000 approx). What sort of miles per gallon does it do. Searched the net and seen different figures.

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about 20/21…524

click on more info for your make i think the tip model is less
15.2 mpg…xml

Mercedes M-class [tech/spec]

Price/availability: From £28,795 (ML 270 CDi) to £51,040 (ML 55 AMG). On sale now.

Engine/transmission: 2,685cc, 20v, five-cylinder turbodiesel; 163bhp at 4,200rpm, 295lb ft of torque at 1,800-2,600rpm. 3,199cc, 18v, V6 petrol; 218bhp at 5,600rpm, 228lb ft at 3,000rpm. 4,966cc, 24v, V8 petrol; 292bhp at 5,600rpm, 324lb ft at 2,200-4,250rpm. 5,439cc, 24v, V8 petrol; 347bhp at 5,000rpm, 376lb ft at 2,800-4,500rpm. Five-speed automatic transmission (six-speed manual optional on ML270 CDi only), permanent four-wheel drive.

Performance: ML 270 CDi; top speed 114mph, 0-62mph in 11.9sec, EC Urban fuel consumption 22.8mpg. [COLOR="Red"]ML 320; 121mph/9.0sec/15.2mpg[/COLOR]. ML 500; 138mph/7.7sec/13.8mpg. ML 55 AMG; 146mph/6.8sec/13.7mpg.
Basically you have to tow a cash point machine and a petrol tanker behind you everywhere you go.
More likely to be gallons per mile looking at quoted figs.
I wouldn't get a petrol ML....go for diesel..they are slightly expensive...but it works out better in the long run and hold their value.

The ML270 CDI is what I would recommend and in its facelift model.....2001 to 2004.
I have an s320 which on average does 20miles per gallon round town going upto 25/28 on a motorway run If any help!
lol 15.2 your gaining on Ferrari territory at those figures

My Brother has one (2000 modle with Aoto -NOT Tip model), I drove it on a 180 Mile return jurney on the moterway and it did around 26MPG, and it had a lot of power (even with 5 people in the car). You can improve the MPG by 1-2 MPG if you stick around the 50-70 on the Moterway. On town traffic he only gets 15 MPG on short 30 min drives.

Not sure how much milage you do, so if you do alot of milage and don't care about lack of power (or pull) then the Diesal may be cheaper, but if like my bro you only do a few thousand (
My Bro regrets not going for the ML420 as it has more power and similar MPG on the moterway. And he worked it out that it will cost him £120 (100 Liters) more in fuel over the year..

So do some of the maths and make up your own mind. Hope this helps.

I used to have a S430 had the same mpg as the s320 on a run aliitle worse around town.
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