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    I'm wanting to start accepting online payments on my website, but the thing is I don't want to sell. I'm a photographer and I want to let people who have booked me for weddings to be able to log on and make payments. I don't want to sell anything or have random people being able to access the payment section as I don't want them paying a deposit for a date I'm not available on.
    My website is (Mods, if this is not allowed please remove the link) and you can see I have a login button which people can use to login to see their pictures.
    What kind of account would I be needing and how much do you think it would cost? I don't have a landline phone in my office, I work using a mobile and from what I've gathered to have a chip and pin machine you need a landline so this is out of the question. I just need to be able to accept payment online.
    As you can probably tell I'm very confused and need help!


    you could use paypal shopping cart you'd have add to cart and view cart buttons you could put on the site after the login section so only those logged on would have access. but you'd have to pay paypal fees of course

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    The fees are what are worrying me with Paypal. Not sure how much they'll be but most payments made will be between £150 and £500 so I'm guessing they'll not be cheap!
    Paypal did seem the logical choice to me though, thanks.

    When i develop e-commerce sites, i use

    Hi. Have you thought about 3rd party payment portals like World Pay, etc like the previous post shows? A lot of retailers use them as its a way for customers to pay via Cards so that their details still get validated by the banking system but are not known to anyone, not even the retailer, all they will get is a confirmation of payment clearance to their account that the customer has paid.

    I would assume that no matter which method you choose, I doubt very much if there are going to be any free methods, other than a BT but you would exlude many customers from this given your profession.

    All of them will carry either a monthly fee and/or transaction fee. Have you checked out the rates for PayPal Business Account? It be worthwhile to look at payment company fees etc to see which would be more beneficial.

    Check out this review site for online payment systems ]http//ww…tml


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    Thanks for your help, both of you. You've given me something to have a look at!
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