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Posted 21st Oct

Ive previously had annual passes for Paultons Park for the last few years, however my daughter is growing up fast and fancy something different this year.

Thinking of going for the Merlin annual passes, I guess mainly for Chessington and Sealife, but may go to Thorpe Park or Legoland too.

Both are a bit of a trek for me, but think I could make it worthwhile.

Anyone seen any decent Merlin annual pass deals recently? Is it worth waiting for Black Friday? Or when are the deals on these passes.

Thought about just Chessington annual passes at £68, any better offers out there?
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If your not planning on using it in the next couple of weeks, maybe wise to hold out until around January time as i'm pretty sure Merlin usually has a sale on the annual passes around that time.
The other option now is you can pay £8.99 per month plus an initial £29.99 upfront fee. for the annual pass
Are the annual passes now branded as "season passes"?
Last year the Merlin sale started on the 1st November.

The offer was 15 months for the price of 12. But they never stick to the same deals or times so its impossible to know if its going to be the same this year.

Our passes run out a few weeks ago, we are holding out in case the sale starts again.
Thanks all, I'm in no rush really, hoping to go next week for a few days to Chessington but looking at getting this with a hotel and a few days tickets.

I'd be happy to wait till the new year if there was going to be a good deal then.
u66454121/10/2019 19:57

Are the annual passes now branded as "season passes"?


Each park offers a season pass, valid until the end of October(ish). Or you can get the Merlin annual pass for a full year from purchase and valod for multiple attractions.
I usually wait until the January sale as so far, for the past few years it has happened.
However, buying the pay monthly passes works out cheaper than paying in full. Only suggestion that I would make is buy premium. It includes free parking and no exclusions which standard does.
Thanks all, decided to get the Merlin premium annual pass (monthly)

Was looking at the costs and by the time I looked at hotels that included two day tickets against a basic hotel without tickets there was £200 difference. As we also wanted to have two nights (with two days in the park and the other doing something else) the hotel with the included tickets seemed to rip us off even more for the extra day.
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