Merry Ghost Town of Christmas past all R.I.P. Terry Hall.

Posted 23rd Dec 2022 (Posted 9 h, 37 m ago)

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    There seems to be quite a few of the legends no longer with us. . . . .70's 80's ...
    Bowie and . .. . . . V V sad that horrible word C. My dad succumbed to that that too. By all accounts it lives inside of all of us? It is just .. ... Well, if the Cancer Preventure don't know ....... Then there you go... Worldwide issue (Aids Polio) you would think that we could have SOMETHING to hold on to... SOME kind of positiviy......

    Rather than a member of your family / friends .... and that is that.

    I wont go on, as I am only talking from my heart, and don't want others to critise or GOD BLESS

    RIP the funny man of my youth with his various bands and styles and so on. Let us have acelebration of your
    FANTASTIC LIFE!!!! (edited)
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