Posted 21st Jul 2019
Thinking of buying a triple pack of these to improve my wi-fi signal around the home and garden, and they are currently showing at less than £70. But will they work?…RG8

I live in a 2 bed mid-terrace house with the Sky Q hub, only have 1 Sky Q box which is hardwired to the router.

Speed at the router is 70mbps.

2 other things hardwired to the router via a switch is a smart tv, and the Hive hub.

Wifi speed measures around 50mbps where i can get a signal, though upstairs where the signal is weak there are interuptions.

I'm happy with the current 50mbps speed, but would like to strengthen signal around the home and in to the garden.

Would the Tenda nova MW3 help achieve this result do you think?

I'm aware it's probably the cheapest triple pack out there, clarification that they would not throttle my current speed would be appreciated.

Many thanks for any advice or suggestions.
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