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Posted 4th Jan
Long time lurker and first time poster.
Stay in a large (1000 sq ft) bungalow with brick walls, with BT and use an Asus router connected to a smarthub (wifi off). Sons room is a dead spot and pick up neighbours wifi signal better than my own.
Using a wifi booster doesn't really help either.
So does a mesh system really work and what is the best ones (your experience rather than reviews). Budget is approx £100 (prefer less than that if possible).
Not part of BT guaranteed wifi thing they do as that costs more than £10 extra per month and on infinity 2 speed (80meg)
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I use Google WiFi at my bungalow, we used to have a dead spot in the far bedroom, but since having it I get full WiFi signal, and seems to be pretty speedy too (virgin 100mb)

As an added bonus I can also get around half the speed at the very bottom of my garden too - I might get more if I moved the unit, but serves me well
I use the Tenda MW3 and am really pleased, took a couple of days to get the set up right but no problems since set up 3 months ago.
We are a basement flat with thick stone walls and I get between 50 and 70 mbps throughout the flat now. I’m on virgin 70 mbps so almost full speed everywhere.
Tenda come up quite often on here so do a search and you’ll find out quite a bit about them
Prices vary from £59 to £79 for 3/4 nodes.
The mesh systems you're talking about are "boosters" (range extenders), the only difference is that they can route the signal through each other rather than only via the router.

Did you try a good quality range extender before and read the instructions on how to best position it?
There is something called home plus/powerline, they basically plug into your plug socket and send the internet signal through your homes power cables, and you can get broadband from any plug socket. They tend to be more stable than wifi and you can even get some with wifi built in.

I have a mesh wifi system, they are good if you wire every node using a switch. If you connect to every node wirelessly you get slower speed and higher ping every node they pass through. Which won't be a problem for streaming movies and music but will be annoying if he plays online games..

So I would recommend a powerline
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Initially tried the Tenda Mw3’s and found them useless for my needs. I have a 3 storey house and have a 4g router running 3 internet at the very top of my house. I lost so much signal through the Tenda system that I reverted back to the extenders I was using. I then seen a deal on her for the BT mesh system so thought I’d try that and it’s been night and day. Managed to grab one of the refurb sets from the BT shop at the time and can thoroughly recommend it.

I thought the difference was that the Tenda system didn’t have a dedicated backhaul system and thought the BT system did, however I’ve read in a couple of places that the BT system doesn’t either but it certainly doesn’t lose signal via throughput in the same way that the Tenda did.
Have homeplugs (BT non wifi) along with the wifi booster (idemax) but he has a netbook with no ethernet port and firestick. The router is about 6 mtrs from his room and i've used the wifi booster in his room and also plugged into the socket outside his room. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. The router is in the hall which is L shaped although router is right at the corner and my daughter doesn't have a problem in her room (same distance, slightly larger room)
Have you checked your router is set to wifi channels that doesn't currently overlap other strong wifi networks…zer

If you've got an old wireless router stored somewhere, then you could use it as a wireless access point plugged into one of your homeplugs:-…nt/

If you use an old BT HUB for this purpose, turn off its "smart setup" as well as its DHCP server.
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With the exception of connecting another router i've tried all the above.
The router and the modem are in the hall and i'm about 4 mtrs from it in the living room with door open on my tablet (nexus 9) and my signal is about 3/4 full. It's only ever full strength when in the hall near it.

Seen a few more mesh deals have came through and with ebay doing 20% off selected sellers do you guys recommend anything.

Now i'm thinking (don't know if it would work) if i could move the asus router closer to his room and switch on my smarthub wifi and use BT and Asus network together (he uses asus and i use bt).
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