Messed up screen resolution, how do I get it back to useable condition?

    Tried pressing F8 on startup and starting in 640x480 with no difference, screen just flickers.

    What I did was try some custom resolutions through software called powerstrip because I had lag on my videos and games trying to find the optimal resolution.

    Now I cannot do much as the original resolutions arent available to select on the control panel or Ati catalyst and I cant see what I am doing in powerstrip.


    System restore maybe...

    Go in and remove powerwhatever and then reboot, it might sort it

    Sounds like you have changed the refresh rate to one that the screen doesnt like. Do what rehydrated has suggested.

    Boot in and choose F8 and then VGA mode then it will boot up with bare minimal graphics once in remove anything that would of caused it or use F8 safe-mode and system restore.

    this can actually be dangerous do as above and pray you haven't damaged your monitor.
    lag is only caused by your gfx if it is very underrated for the game.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the help, in the end had to connect my old CRT monitor and uninstall driver then rescan then it worked.

    The issues I was having were on CRT, they dont appear on my TFT monitor its strange, they even appear on my plasma, sticky when the screen pans and scans and since I have a quad core pc, good graphics card and 4 gigs ram this shouldnt happen.
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