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Metabisulphate allergic reaction? (Tesco double concentrate apple squash)

Posted 2nd Mar 2014
My lad was hospitalised and nearly kept in overnight (let out at midnight in the end) due to a severe allergic reaction. We were completely baffled at first as to what caused it, but we started using a different brand of cordial Friday, so we think that is the problem (probably should have twigged sooner)

Its Tesco double concentrate apple squash, and it contains metabisulphate, which is listed in bold as a possible allergen.

We've used other Tesco squash varieties before and never had this problem.

Firstly, is it a common additive (will it be easy to avoid? Had no issues avoiding it for the past 7+ years)

Secondly, anyone else suffered this type of reaction from this juice?
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