metal chassis laptops?

Found 31st Jan 2014
anyone know of any reasonable price metal chassis laptops? My one broke on the hinge, and I am annoyed by that. My theory was if I got a metal chassis this wouldn't happen. Thou I cant see any on the major laptop stores. So can anyone recommend one for me?
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why not just replace the hinge?

Laptops with genuine metal chassis are not cheap.

why not just replace the hinge?Laptops with genuine metal chassis are not … why not just replace the hinge?Laptops with genuine metal chassis are not cheap.

It's cracked the actually lid, and I have look for a similar replacement part with no luck. I have check for guide, and on youtube. wasn't anything really apart from diy first aid. It also not worth investing loads of money in, if you get me.
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It doesn't happen to be an Acer by any chance is it.

It doesn't happen to be an Acer by any chance is it.

No msi
Only ones worth suggesting are Lenovo Thinkpads with the metal chassis or HP Probook or Elitebooks. However, expect to pay more for the luxury of solid build. The HP's tend to have plastic undersides and metal lids and palm rests. The lenovos tend to have metal lid tops and undersides but the rest be plastic. However both ranges are solidly build for a battering. My current Lenovo has been dropped twice in the last few months from a height of more than 2feet and has not suffered any new damage as a result.

Another plus point for those 3 ranges is that parts are in plentiful supply, cheap and easy to replace as there are very detailed manuals for these types of laptops. The hinges are also much more solidly made to last longer than the rest of the laptop will.

Outside of those I can only think of Toughbooks and those are eyewateringly expensive for the spec you actually get.

On a plus note you will probably find that the laptop if you opt for one of those will outlast you considering it still to be useful. I've seen plenty of old Lenovo machines still working well 10+ years after purchase, even 15years is not unheard of (yes I am aware that those would have been IBM before Lenovo took over).
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Ok perhaps I might need to concede on getting a metal chassis, but a good solid plastic one then. I think it might have been where I bought my laptop off eBay Argos, as I never actually never played with it, until I got it. It was plastic and was very thin, and if you applied pressure to a certain area of the laptop, you would stop the hard drive. I have never experienced this before, and I have three previous laptops before that.
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