Metal Detecting - Mid Range Detector Advice Please

Found 7th Aug 2017
I am thinking of starting a hobby & thought I would take up metal detecting.

Previously (as a kid 35 plus years ago) I used to do it with my father & his equipment at the time must have been specialist but since then things must have advanced light years since then.

Anyway, I am after a mid range device & headphones.

Has anyone got experience of the hobby & what detectors would you advise/recommend ?

Many thanks in advance.
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I don't know much about equipment but can I suggest you maybe see if there is a nearby metal detecting society or club you could join? The reason I suggest this is before one of us drew the short straw and had to get a proper job (I lost) my husband and I were both archaeologists. I've seen the damage that can be caused and it is immense. So much more stuff is not metal and digging through this to get to a metal object of possibly limited value destroys so much evidence. I'm looking round my living room right now. A metal detectorist could uncover my lamps and my clock. An archaeologist could find my sofa bookcase and fishtank. I'm not by any means saying don't do it, wouldn't we all like to find the next Sutton hoo? All I'm suggesting is that you find a local society who can help you to find where is safe to detect and what to do when you strike gold. Looking forward to seeing you on antiques roadshow
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