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    My mum wants to get my dad one for his birthday (why i would love to know) but because she doesnt have a clue about these she left it to me and seeing as i dont have a clue either your help would eb much appreciated

    What makes a good metal detector? where is the best place to get one?


    I don't know that much about them myself, but my dad has 3 of them lol. If you have a high budget the minelabs are supposed (according to the old man) to be the best. My dads best one is a garret which I bought from the states through ebay. As with most stuff america is loads cheaper, unfortunately I got stung by customs so didn't save much. You could spend well over a grand on one, but i'm guessing your looking at the budget end. Might be best if you state how much your willing to spend on one.

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    i dont no how much mum is looking to spend but i guess it wont be more than 200

    has he ever used one before or would he be wanting a nice simple one to use, they can sometimes be more complex than you'd think

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    simple lol he wouldnt have a clue if it was complicated.

    oh ok lol, i'll ask the old man for you, he'll be at work now so i'll ring him after 10. I know the garratt ace 250 is supposed to be a good budget one though. I say budget but thats cheap by garratt standards. I gotta speak to him later anyway.

    I was looking to get one of these last month as a present for the wife but was shocked to find that you need permission to use them just about everywhere. I actually looked at one on the ]Maplin site as well as elsewhere.
    Useful info. at ]UK Detector Net
    The wife had a cheap one years ago that she used on the seashore but you even need permission for that so I gave up on that idea.

    just done a quick search for the ace 250 and came up with this, have no idea 'bout the company but the price seems great.…472 actually scrap that, it's a foreign company so by the time you'd payed import taxes, it's not a great deal. Ebay is probably the cheapest for them, seen 1 for just over £150.

    taasda, your right about needing permission, I believe. my dad does the local car boots, never finds more than a few quid but it keeps him happy. Of course if you live near the coast then beaches are an excellent place to go. A friend of my dad's seems to find a couple of rings every week, some of his finds are worth thousands.

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    awh think you for alerting me to the fact that permission is required. Is it required for beaches as we live near them?

    i'm pretty sure you don't need permission for beaches, and they are probably the best place to look. I think there are usually 3 types of detector, for beaches for inland and ones that do both. Don't quote me on that though as i said before i'm no expert. I think it's down to the coil they use, I'm not sure but the one I mentioned earlier is suitable for both i think. Hopefully someone that knows more will be along soon, otherwise i'll chat to me dad later and post back tomorrow.

    I'd go and have a look in your local Maplins to start off ...

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    maplins dont even know where that is lol

    i'l send mum

    £20 fee payable to Crown Estates to use on foreshore. See] here I seem to remember reading that some Parish Councils own the access rights to the foreshore at some beaches and their permission is needed.
    Perhaps there is someone who is keen on metal detecting that can give more info.


    maplins dont even know where that is loli'l send mum

    Link to ]Maplin metal detectors here.

    My ideal day out metal detecting would involve these items:
    A fabulous toy for anyone who dreams of finding buried treasure but doesn’t fancy wandering around swinging a conventional metal detector. A remote-control buggy that does the job for you! You can direct it from a distance of up to 25’ and hear it bleep when it passes over hidden metal (valuable coins? silver? gold?). Buggy measures 25 x 20cm and requires 1 9V and 4 AA batteries (not included). Much more fun than a conventional metal detector!

    Hi there,
    Have a look in Treasure Hunting Magazine or Searcher magazine, lots of adverts for detectors (used and new) . See if there is a detecting club near you that you could go to or email. For insurance cover while detecting, go to the Federation of Independent Detectorists.
    (£8 per year)

    Hope that helps,

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