Metal Gear Solid 4

    Has anyone bought this yet my copy arrived from gameplay but was unsealed i had a look on ebay and it seems they come unsealed. Unless anyone knows any different?


    I bought my copy from Asda last week and it came unsealed .


    Strange, why do they come unsealed?

    I got a copy from game and from asda, and both were unsealed.Just in a sleave.
    Great game btw.....shame bout the ridiculous cutscenes n story.

    Got mine from Blockbusters - it came unsealed as well.

    sounds like a conspiracy

    cos its in a sleeve !

    is this game any good

    Not good, bloody brilliant


    Not good, bloody brilliant

    i have never been on a metal gear solid game before, is it like call of duty 4

    If you never played an MGS game then probably it's best to avoid. It's nothing like CoD

    dont agree with that, it is quite similar i think!

    It really doesnt matter if you are interested in the story or not - the actual gameplay is so refined.

    You can play it however you want - rambo style and kill every mofo or jsut sneak around the whole game and not get spotted once.

    If you go round killing everyone it plays a bit like Resident Evil 4 - there are so many weapons to play with most are also upgradable with attachments.

    Seriously, get this game.
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