Metal Gear Solid 4 coming to 360 + PSP lite out sep 26th in uk before japan and usa…552…580

    So all those ppl getting a ps3 just for metal gear now can get a 360 instead -- or get both


    All rumours i guess.

    yep another rumor

    Probably a rumour. But i dont see why MGS 4 wont come to the 360. I mean if you look at the other ones they all came to the xbox after the ps2 release

    Loosely Related... I played Blacksite: Area 51 Demo Yesterday and thought yeah thats gonna be in my Games collection when it comes out. also I think I will be getting Unreal III looks a cross between halo and gears of war.

    I'm bored of the halo franchise now and doubt i'll be getting halo 3 and know a few people who have said the same. I'll also be awaiting Lost Planet 2 if thats in the pipeline somewhere, which I'm sure it will be considering the 2 games that CAPCOM released for the 360 were hits straight away and must have been a huge money earner for them (other game being Dead Rising)

    anyway let you get back to topic now :?

    unreals good on the pc also
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