Metal glue?

Dropped my watch this morning by accident, the metal chain now broke; it was originally glued together.

I was wondering if there is any glue I can use to stick it back? I've heard of JB Weld's glue, but I'm not sure if it would work? in theory its two parts epoxy adhesive, that can stick two pieces of metalic surfaces together, but does it work in practice?


You need to buy a new strap.

My partner got a DKNY watch and he lost a pin to the metal link strap,and I'm certain he glued it somehow,I'm not sure what with exactly,but I'll ask him,he's at work.

Araldite sticks metal, I fixed my toilet seat with it... lol

He says he just used Bostic ( brand spelt right? ) super glue and it did the job.

Original Poster

The chain broke clean off, so I thought some glue would do, but I'm not sure...


Surely that needs new pin?


Araldite sticks metal, I fixed my toilet seat with it... lol

you've got a metal toilet seat? sounds chilly!

It will need to swivel will it not? Usually why they pin them.
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