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Found 18th Nov 2013
this is about electrics...

just wondering can a qualified electrician change the meter tails from the meter to the consumer unit? or does it have to be the people who own the meter and also is it the electrician that takes the main incoming fuse out to isolate the electrics as theres no isolation switch between the main incoming electric supply and the meter i know some people have these fitted but ive not got one. Any info would be good so i know whether to speak with the meter supplier.

thanks :-)
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As I understand it the tails from the meter to consumer unit are the customers responibility. If you need them replacing you the easiest thing to do is to get your supplier out to install an isolator between the meter and the consumer unit, this moves the point at which they become your responsibility to the output side of this new isolator and removes the need to pull the cutout fuses.

Bit of a run around and quite possibly a pain in the proverbial but although the tails coming out of the meter to the consumer unit are your responsibility the meter is (usually!!) sealed, these seals will need to be cut in order to disconnect the old tails and reconnect the new ones - which technically is a no-no because the supplier could claim that the meter seals have been cut in order for you to try and bypass the meter.

Just out of interest why do you need to change them?
Ahh right, just because there the old red an black ones an the hole hoise has been updated new consumer unit an re wire of property so wondered who it was that can change the meter tails. Thanks for the info.
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