Metro 2033

    Awful awful game

    Like a title from a last gen console. Gave it half an hour and just couldn't stand it any longer

    just thought I'd get that off my chest


    have you found as you get older you get much much more critical of games? i havnt played this myself but just thought id give you a reply since the post seemed a little barren

    I was looking forward to it and have so far played it for five minutes and turned it off - will give it another go on the weekend or its getting traded

    i found the same i gave it half an hour then sent it back

    Original Poster

    everything about it is just bad, the audio was driving me crazy, walking past people and hearing their conversations and then having walked a further 500m still hearing that conversation at the same audio at the cost of hearing the dialogue that was critical to the plot!

    I would have considered it a bad title on the PS2 let alone this new generation of consoles
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