I was expecting two chests of drawers to be delivered today - is it worth me waiting in do you think?


cant u ring up the number on ur invoice and ask?

lol if they are going to be delivered today why would you go out? the misc gets better and better :oops:

might be of interest to you - good luck

ah lol i see, i dont read the news. RIP mfi

last time we bought from MFI they called to confirm delivery anyway?

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Yes, but as they are now in administration and most people have been let down I wondered if there was any point me wasting my day off. I haven't had a call and rang the number on the invoice and just got an old recorded message and the MFI website hasn't been updated yet.

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Okay, have finally managed to get through to someone who said it's all on hold, no deliveries today and no chance to claiming from Credit Card company as yet as they haven't given the go ahead that it won't be delivered. Ho hum, flipping hope I get a refund!

I have been waiting since Nov 25th and have given up of receiving it! I had waited in twice before all day:x

My CC sent me a form to fill in to claim back and also my bank sending me one to claim dosh back as paid half and half on cc and debit card!
Helpful chap at my bank told me MFI have committed fraud by taking our dosh and not delivering goods so will get it back soon! :thumbsup:
Best thing about it is I explained my situation to a MFI manager (better not say what store) and he actually gave me a display set of drawers (smaller than I bought) and even carried it out to my car for me!!! Then to cap it all went to another store looking to see if they had the ones I had bought and got another smaller one for free!!!
But the best bit was that MFI had refunded me for some other stuff I had sent back before they went bump and actually refunded £120 too much, of course I told them as soon as I realised but too late no one there to help me:whistling:
Do feel really sorry though for people who have lost loads and hope they get it back, some people were saying when we were queueing to get into stores (bouncers on doors and police called to arrest some angry peeps) that they had half finished kitchens and bathrooms!
The bouncers were holding people out until they had cleared the store as people were buying tons of stuff for cash and literally carrying it out on their backs!
Then the bouncer let me in as the Manager was expecting me and I saw people with drills literally taking stuff apart and carrying it out like whole bathrooms and kitchens and displays of office furniture etc
Horrible for everyone just before Chrissy..............
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