Mfi Rant!!

    How mean is this!

    We bought my little girl units from MFI just before we moved house. We kept the units packaged up until we moved house. On arrival we went to put up the units and some idiot had packed the wardrobe doors together with a damn screw in the middle. This little screw had been dancing around the units scratching the front of the wardrobe doors:x . I phone to complain and ask for new doors and they refused point blank :|. Seemingly you have a minimum number of days to check your goods for damage which we missed.
    :x :x MFI = big bridget jones PANTS :x

    Had to strategically place butterflies over all the scratches.


    We had an incident with the Bedroom furniture that we bought i.e. our Boxer Pup chewed through a Solid Wood bed and bedside table (at least they now match lol!)

    MFI were awful at helping me out - I can only recommend that you check eBay or google the make / brand and see if there is a decent 2nd hand one our there, or one purchased that is no longer required!!!

    PS - I also now have MFI with a passion!

    If they won't replace the doors trying asking for some money off, Now that they are "Damaged goods".

    At a guess the issue is that, how do they know you didn’t damage the product after you opened it? The best bet in hindsight is to open and check the quality of the product as soon as possible I guess. I would have thought MFI could have offered a discount or something as a gesture though.

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    I asked for some compensation as the wardrobe was 'trashed'. Answer was tough that my . Yeh I guess I should have checked but it meant opening all the boxes and repackaging when I had a new baby and was moving house. Bah!

    Entire episode was a nightmare! Other thing we did was order a bed to match the furniture ... then about 10 days later (before it was delivered) went in to cancel the bed ... still keeping about £500 worth of furniture. They said we would have to pay £50 to cancel. Had a huge pregnant hissy fit ... eventually getting the manager out his office ... Said I would pay the £50 but it would be to cancel the whole damn order! I got my way :-D. No bed ... no £50.
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