MG F Soft Top Replacement Window

    Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get a replacement window for my MG F soft top.

    - I was a bit silly and put my roof down one morning before the plastic had warmed up enough to bend. As I lowered it the window went 'snap' and I now have a tear in it - I don't really want to send it off for replacing and would prefer to take it in and wait for it - Any where in london or Essex would be good please


    You can get them on ebay for about £140.

    Also try your local breakers/scrap yards if you don't mind secondhand, as they will normally be cheaper.

    The one I've often used is RJK's in Erith. I have known them to have MGFs so you might get lucky.

    Their address is;
    Unit 5 / Maypole Cr
    Darent Ind Park
    DA8 2JZ

    tel: 01322 348797

    Try for other, possibly more local, breakers.

    Finally have a look on any owners' club websites - they can offer a wealth of spare parts.

    Hope that helps.

    Good luck

    Don Hoods in Birmingham

    The Don Trimming Company Limited,
    2A Hampton Road,
    B23 7JJ

    Phone: 0 (+44) 121 373 1313
    Fax: 0 (+44) 121 377 7631
    Contact: [email protected]

    They mainly deal with classic MG's but they could do stuff for those new fangled modern cars. I've used them before for a hood for my Alfa Romeo and they are top quality people.


    The best way to stop it happening again is to unzip the window before you put the hood down. If the window is flat you wont get fold marks and it will last alot longer. When putting the hood back up make sure you zip it up first as its alot harder to do it when the hood is attached.

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone - especially beverley1403 for the tip about unzipping - much appreciated
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