Mi 5 Screen black while on call.

Found 26th Apr 2016
I have recently purchased Xiaomi mi 5.
While the phone is awesome,it has one technical snag. The screen goes black while on call so can't use the phone. Let's say if I need to find some contact or dial some number while on call, it won't happen. The screen would remain black.

Has anyone faced this issue or is aware of it?
I would appreciate any response.

Note: I would be attaching the specs sooner.
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Does it not respond when you press the home or power button? If not I'd guess it's a faulty proximity sensor.
Not during the call. Otherwise yes.
Yeah sounds like proximity sensor fault, Has it got a screen protector on by any chance?, Any dirt around the sensor etc..
Proximity sensor , you can normally run a test on your phone to see if the sensor is working , Google your make and testing proximity sensor, for how to test .
It's more likely a screen protector or cover is your problem, they disrupt the way the sensor works. It's supposed to make your screen go black while you hold the phone to your ear as a power saving device, and then give you your screen back as you move it away from your ear. But if the sensor is blocked , the phone screen remains black. Had the same problem on my phone .
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