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Posted 7th Dec 2019
Is there a compatible charger that can do the fastest possible charge on this phone.
Some rumours suggest a 27w usb-c charger of any kind may work, but I'm suspicious.
Other rumours reckon that the phone should state Turbo Charging if you use the correct charger.
My phone is the standard mi 9t and not the pro version.
My phone came with an 18w Xiaomi European charger and it's not practical to keep using that with a 3 pin converter. It has never stated Turbo Charging on the screen.

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From I've read the 9T won't charge above 18W.
I don't own the Mi 9T, but when it's fast charging you should see 2 little lighting symbols?
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A USB C PD charger should work (I think it may also support QC3.0), worth noting though the faster you charge a battery the shorter it'll last. Anyway Xiaomi have helpfully added a Nazi SS logo to let you know when the phone is fast charging
Thanks for the replies thus far.
I get the fast charging message with the current 2 pin European charger it came with (and the 2 'SS' symbol).
I thought there was an even faster charger (27w?) that could do 'turbo charging'?.
Maybe I'm getting a few things mixed up here as I've never seen the words 'turbo charging' on the screen.

Would dearly love to hear from someone who has this phone and who has tried something more powerful than the included 18w charger.

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