Mi 9t or A70?

Posted 3rd Dec
Hi all

I’m in the process of buying a new phone and I’m torn between the Galaxy A70 or Mi 9T 128gb. They’re both a similar price and on paper there’s not much between them.

Does anyone have any experience of these phones and, if so, which one would you recommend?
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Samsung for me even though processor slower.

I just don't like pop up camera. I tends to use phone case, I have no ideas how it would work...
Easy - Mi9 much better phone and operating system is more logical than Samsungs mess.
1-1. I’m still not sure! I like the idea of the pop up camera but obviously Samsung is the more well known brand. Decisions decisions!
Xiaomi, because in 2-3 years time you'll still be getting updates, plus it's the better phone.
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Samsung have cashback offer on the A70 so better price
I went for the mi 9t via eBay. With a 5% code and 3% cashback via Quidco , the 128gb version came in at £237
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