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if you leave your mi air purifier 2 in auto mode you will find that it spend most of its time is low power Consumption mode. so after playing around with the automation settings i have what i think are the best settings.. This is a step by step guide to how to make your purifier much more responsive. basically setting a trigger for it to come on and setting a trigger for it to turn off.

the first thing you need to do is set your favourite mode to something comfortable, so its just powerful enough not annoy you. you do that by holding down the favourite button in the app for 3 seconds.
23033561.jpgyour favourite will be your default power on speed,
now we need to set a trigger so that the purifier powers on in favourite mode at 25 MP2.5
1, click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner

2, click automation
3033561.jpg3, then click the + in the top right hand corner to add a new automation trigger

4, Click on "if"

5, then click the mi air purifier
3033561.jpg6, now click if above - this is bit might be in Chinese for you


7, now change it to 25 and click done
8, now click under "then" where it says turn on

9, then change it to "switch to my favourite mode"
3033561.jpg10, then after that click ok in the top corner

now we have just added the first trigger, this will turn on the purifier when it gets to PM2.5 - 25 instead of the default settings which makes it sit in low power consumption mode for most of the time.

now we create a second trigger that idles in it auto mode when it gets to below PM2.5 -15

1, click on the 3 dots again

2, click automation
3033561.jpg3, click the + in the top right hand corner

4, click "if" and select the air purifier
3033561.jpg5, click "if below", it will be in chinese

6, change to 15 and click done
3033561.jpg7, Click turn on
3033561.jpg8, click switch to auto mode

9, click okay

this it done now, you should notice the air purifier is much more responsive and turns itself on and off far more often. obviously you live in a different environment than me so change the sensitivity to suit your needs.

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