mi band 2 help please

    I have a mi fit 2 .. Im trying to link it to my phone but It keeps saying already linked..It looks like might have already been registered can I reset to start again


    There is a notification icon that is always showing and says whether it's connected or not...

    Also yes you can unpair... See picture. It's at the bottom
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    Thanks .. I have mi fit app .. I try to link band but states band is paired by ???..Un pair it and try again .. I assume its been paired before ... Can I reset.. Is that Mi Tools you have screenshot ..

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    ​The pictures are from the official mi band app from playstore. You should have it installed to.... Settings is at the bottom of profile page.. See pic.. Is not easy to find your way around the app.. I randomly tap until I find things. Lol..

    Select show status in notification in the settings.. Unpair will reset it I guess.. Pair back up.... I find nothing much happens until I start app and mess about. It seems to sync then if there is any data like sleep or steps.. Without the notification icon there is no way so see if it's linked, so worth turning on... The way to test is to set the alarm.... You get an ok.. it's set.... And it should buzz so you will know all is good...

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    Thanks again .. Can you please confirm the App you are using searched Playstore but could not locate mi band app official

    You can only unpair it using the account it was paired with

    Not sure how you paired without app? Maybe just via Bluetooth but it won't do anything.
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