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Posted 24th Nov

Is there something I'm missing? There seems to be deals for the Mi Band 4 posted multiple times a day at the basically the same price. Is it really that good of a fitness band that it merits so many posts? Is it particularly reliable or what?
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I have one and for value for money don’t think there is much that can touch it.
They seem to post all kinds of deals from Gearbest etc, to be honest everything on those sites are always going to be cheaper anyway so it not really a deal.
why not just post a link to the site and let people just look at all the cheap stuff and then wait 3 months till it arrives to see if it was worth buying it..

I do have a Mi Band 4 and it is pretty decent. I have had it for 3 weeks and it's at 42% battery left from what it came with, haven't had it on charge yet.
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it's just cheap. i got a miband 4 from aliexpress and i am happy with it for the price i paid for it. i don't use it as fitness tracker, only for phone notifications. can't comment on the tracker accuracy but for phone notification it works ok, but you have to be pretty close to your phone for it to work. using it as a watch is useless as it doesn't respond when you flick your wrist, and when it does, it is slow to respond. when you touch the screen to get it to show the time, sometimes you have to touch it a few times for it to wake up.

battery life is pretty good at about 3 weeks for what i use it for. charges to full in a couple of hours.
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