Mi Max 2, which one to get.

    Hi, I've never posted a question on here before so please forgive me if it's in the wrong section !

    I've settled on buying the Mi Max 2 as it fits my needs precisely. However I'm a bit baffled about which one to get: ie. do I go for Global ROM or international version or is there another one ? I'm not concerned about the lack of band 20 as I'm on EE.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


    I have the global ROM. It works well for me. It gets occasional updates. Love the phone, although do get lots of comments re size.

    I was considering the mi max 2 but settled on the Lenovo P2 £199.99 from three store.

    Same processor (Snapdragon 625) as mi max 2 4 GB ram 5.5" screen and 5100 milliamps​ battery. The display is a super AMOLED made by Samsung and is superior to the mi max 2 display.

    I also think it's a better size as it's not too big and is manageable with one hand which the mi max isn't plus it can actually fit in your pockets (parents have one so have had some use with them). The battery lasts for a few days at a time I couldn't recommend it enough! Make sure you at least check it out.

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    Thanks for the advice. I had a look at the P2 but the screen size is my main requirement so I'll head for the global Mi Max. Cheers

    I don't think there is a global mi max 2, it's all the same version just with diff software flashed. Global versions have band 20.
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