miband 2 step count intermittently freezing then working again ?

Found 1st Jun
I've noticed that over the last month or so Miband 2 step counter is sticking then suddenly working again. The first time it happened a update was due that sorted it out. I seem to notice this more when it's been in my pocket for few hours. Any body else getting this issue ?
I know it's only £15 quid but don't really want to replace if it doesn't even last a year.


So when it's in your pocket it's not counting your steps???

Put round ur wrist?

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So when it's in your pocket it's not counting your steps???

​no, I've noticed that when it's in my pocket it will count steps accurately but then stop counting for a variable period, then start again. I'm pretty sure that when it freezes it doesn't make a difference if I then hold it in my hand for while.( I can't wear it on my wrist at work, and this is only a problem I've noticed in last month or so)

I'm guessing not many people will have this issue..... I keep it on my wrist and it works fine, try that

It's supposed to be on your wrist not in your pocket. Also, make sure you tell the app what wrist you have it on (in settings). And check in the play store for any updates, there have been 3 recently.

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ok maybe mines faulty then and not due to software. Have always had in pocket at work (9 months or so) with no issues untill recently.
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