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I have a mice infestation - have been trying to deal with it with humane traps etc as i have 2 toddlers and didnt initially realise there were so many mice. We have caught at least a dozen so far. I asked my solicitor to send a letter to my landlord last week - still trying to get a hold of her to see if she has done it, along with other things we want fixed. Had a terrible weekend though. My oldest came across a mouse twice and was hysterical both times. They are coming ito my living room and I saw one squeezing in through a gap between a kitchen cupboard door and the unit on saturday. Today is final straw though. Just had my mum on the phone in tears as one ran across the kitchen wortop when she was in the kitchen and when she went to the loaf of bread ontop of the breadbin it seems that they have eaten though the bag and partially through the centre of the bread. She lives with me and is my childcare and is now threatening to leave. She says even if they get professionals in she will always be uncomfortable here. Last time I spoke to landlord before mouse business he wanted £9000 to cover 6 months rent and council tax and advertising and new lease drawn up if we leave early. I stupidly signed a 2 year lease with no early exit clause while going through a marriage breakup. if my mum finds her own place I will have to quit work as wont get childcare to cover 6:30-5:30 as thats when my lift picks me up and drops me off due to working approx 40 miles away. There are no decent employment opportuities in the area as its a small village, and I dont drive.

My question is am I and my kids expected to live in a house in which my kids are now scared to wander about in and which I am not much better myself? It will be a pain in the ass to move quickly and not what i had planned but I really dont want to spend much longer in this place, the stress of this is having an effect on all of us and there are certain rooms my oldest daughter wont go in because she has came across mice in them.

regarding the house I was going to purchase, the seller has gotten a new acceptable offer, so this is not the reason i am asking...

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Just got hold of my solicitor and although I asked her last Wednesday to draft up the letter she hasnt done so yet. She now tells me i would be quicker to phone my landlord and cheaper as its costing me money every time she reads and repsonds to emails!! I am only mailing her cos I am not getting feedback from her as to whether she has done the letter etc...! Should have learned with the house purchase screw up not to use her as i already told her his phone number was in my old mobile phone which is broken. I got a quote from local Environmental Health and she says i should just get them out but I already told her there is a hole in the outside wall leading into property so that will only be a very short term fix to this problem. I am tempted just to move out and move into a rental temporarily with my mum and reassess my situation....

is there anything in your tenancy agreement about vermin infestation, there should be, there usually is in most of them. ?


is it not ur responsibility to make sure there's no food around for the mice to eat? they would move on then

Holes and any gaps etc need to be fixed,you need keep food well away,make sure you keep floor clean and obviously catch what you can,maybe get a cat?
I don't know much about it,not had this problem thankfully but I know landlords are always a pain and never want to sort anything.
sorry you having all this bother.

If you want an answer to the question "Who is responsible for dealing
with mice in a tenanted dwelling, if they are causing a nuisance?",
then that depends rather more on circumstances. Mice are endemic in
homes, most houses have them even if the residents are unaware of the
fact. Even if the residents are aware of the presence of mice, it may
be the case that it's not enough of a problem to be worth bothering
about. If the mice are coming primarily from an external source then
it's the responsibility of that source to deal with them. If the mice
are living in the house then it depends a lot on whether they were
there before the tenants moved in, and if the tenants have in any way
encouraged them (eg, by leaving food in accessible places).

Do you have house contents insurance? Does it cover legal cover? If yes then root out the docs and use the legal helpline, they will be able to advise you of your legal position, failing that you need good legal advice, have you no welfare rights agency nearby? Citizens Advice? Any of these you could call?
Good luck.

Where do you live?. I know in Cheltenham the council offer 2 visits to try and clear them up for £32 or £16 if you're on income support.

Regarding the mouse issue ( I remember you have loads of others as well) your local council will usually get rid for free, this may not be a long term fix but it will give you time to consider your options with all the other issues.…434

"I have seen rats or mice in my house, I have told my landlords but they will not do anything about it.

A landlord would only be considered responsible if defects to the property allow rodent access. Legal action may be possible in the circumstances."

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I didnt realise they could get up on the units - we have moved all our food - cereal etc up to high shelves in the pantry, and the bread was there because my mum made toast for my kids and it was only out for about an hour maximum. Looks like I will have to buy sealed containers for everything as I dont know what they do and dont eat. I have never had to do this before and never had this problem before. And with toddlers there is bound to be stuff spilled and dropped and its very difficult to keep track of things though we do try our best and have a hand held hoover to pick things up they drop. We dont eat in the kitchen anymore due to mice and the kids being scared by them. It can be difficult enough to keep kids attentions on meal times at this age as it is.

Sorry to hear this and appreciate its not very nice but try and be a little less emotional, mice whilst being unhygienic are no real threat so calm down and also explain this to the children
Humane mouse traps are pretty good but useless if u just take the mouse down the garden they can make their way home easily within a mile so cage a few in a day and take them some distance to release
Unfortunately you sound pretty stuck, not sure of the landlords liability with regards an infestation of this type and you may well end up with a bill if he calls in professionals.
Mice tend to enter premises looking for shelter and food so extra care needs to be taken with food storage especially pet food.
Ask at the local council about pest control they will give you good advice

if you get sealed containers try and make sure you do only eat in the one room, then they will never find food elsewhere and never have a reason to go looking elsewhere.

I had problems with mice in my outhouse and bought the ultrasonic mouse repellers from argos. I just plugged one in the mains socket and they worked brilliantly and the little sods have never returned. This was 2 years ago and Argos have changed the product now, but they should work the same. Rodent Guard. 042/3096

be careful though with some of these as small children can hear some of them. Imagine how annoying that would be hearing a constant screaming high pitch noise all the time and not being able to tell anyone!

We were infested when we moved intyo our flat two years ago.
Took about six months to get rid, and since then we've had two in 18 months.

We tried humane traps but only ever cuaght one. It's not pleasant but an old fashioned spring trap is the way to go IMO.

The advice that 'if there's no food, they won't come back' is nonsense. If they only go where there's food, why did we get them in our bedroom?

Obviously keeping the place clean is important because not only do they poo everywhere, but they wee as well, and you can't see that.

With reference to the council, I don't know what your council is like, but mine (Waltham Forest) charge for sorting out mice, but will do rats for free.


be careful though with some of these as small children can hear some of … be careful though with some of these as small children can hear some of them. Imagine how annoying that would be hearing a constant screaming high pitch noise all the time and not being able to tell anyone!

Have you met my wife? lol

Get yourself a cat, they are brilliant at keeping mice away!


Have you met my wife? lol


Can you not block the hole in the outside wall yourself??

A bag of ready mixed cement is about £3!!

The best thing for controlling mice is a cat. They will either get eaten or leave.
That may not seem particularly humane, but it depends how desparate you are. I'll leave that to you to decide.
I feel for the mice and their lives, but you sound desparate, and with your kids being in fear, I would say this is your best option.
You can go through lawyers and all that stuff, but then you'll have to wait weeks, maybe months before anything happens. A good cat should have the problem sorted within days. The mice still have a choice to leave or stay and try their luck.
If you're landlord doesn't like pets, just tell him it's a stray that wandered in and stayed when it realised there were plenty of mice to eat.

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have got a sensor in the hall too - says it can take up to 6 weeks to work fully but a large house and only has 50m coverage. Have had sensor for a week or so and it aint stopping them. Enviromental health say they leave 2-3 bait boxes then return in 2-3 days and charge £37 + vat for this. cant see how this is any better than what we use. We dont drive and have two toddlers so are restricted as to how far we get with the mice when releasing them. We let 2 out about 2 miles away but rest get put out a few streets away at night - when no-one can see us. So you are saying they will find their way back to our house?!?!!

Have tried explaining to the kids but they just dont like the idea of them running around...I give the kids tea and biscuits before their bed time and hoover the area before i put them to bed. i work full time and dont have the energy for this and have never had the worry of mice before. I hate having to live like this.

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Anyone know where I can get ready mix cement delivered asap - will I get into any trouble doing that with it being a listed building?!


Can you not block the hole in the outside wall yourself?? A bag of ready … Can you not block the hole in the outside wall yourself?? A bag of ready mixed cement is about £3!!

This is another good idea. I recently learnt how easy it is to block up holes with ready mix cement. Just add water and your off...

Alternatively, do you know anyone who can? It's a really quick and easy job, I'm sure they'd do it for a cup of tea.

Original Poster

Dont know anyone in local village - moved here when i split with husband and working full time and having toddlers i dont get chance to socialise! Could see if my brother in law will do it (He stays 40 miles away!), but he doesnt know about mice and if he finds out he may stop my sister and nephew visiting us!

Yup the ones let out down the road will find their way back and as no harm has come to them will be more confident about not being seen so prob u have fewer than u think
u need sand as well as cement usually a 3:1 mix, some builders merchants will deliver but check on charges look around for matching stone usually leftovers from original build get used for garden walls and no one will notice the repair

How big is the hole? if it's only small I'm sure no one will notice.

Not a good idea to get a cat JUST for the mice problem - what about when the mice have gone /been killed ?!
You have a responsible attitute to getting a cat -a cat/dog is for life -not just a pest controller for a few days -thats irresponsible advice !
I also have had mice in my shed -i have 4 cats too !
I just got the landlord to sort out the bottom of the door where they were getting in and they have now gone !
Cats don''t always do the job !


Anyone know where I can get ready mix cement delivered asap - will I get … Anyone know where I can get ready mix cement delivered asap - will I get into any trouble doing that with it being a listed building?!

Christ, how big is the hole?? You don't need a delivery of cement to fill a small hole mice are getting into.

Just go to Wilkinsons/B&Q/Focus etc etc - they have bags of the stuff and NO - YOU DO NOT NEED SAND if you buy the ready mixed stuff, just add water, stir it up in a bucket (make sure it's quite a thick mix) and thats it. Shove it in the hole, stick a piece of wood against it to keep it flat while it dries - thats it.

You only need sand if you buy a bag of 'cement', but there is plenty of ready mixed stuff out there...

Post-Crete is another good one, used for fixing fence posts.

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Yeah but I stay in a little village, dont drive and have toddlers. I work full time and get a lift in and out of work so need someone who will deliver or have to pay about £20 for a taxi from nearest building store - or worse about £40\£50 to nerest city to get a B&Q! Hence why I was asking for delivery as I cant drive and stay in a little village! Would guess hole is about 3 inches high and about 1.5inches wide, and walls are thick. Someone says I will have to plug the other side too cos tey are pobably living in the cavaties - hence the sounds like falling plaster in the walls. We havent seen any signs of droppings etc on first and second floors tough, just ground floor.
Might get a cat but will have to get a kitten\young cat as 2 year old is at the scared of animals stage, unless they are in the distance so would have to introduce her gradually. My mum has had cats all her life so we would look after a cat way past when the mice problem was sorted...just got to find one! Had a look on gum tree and they are going for about £50-£100 for basic kittens! And animal rescue places here and up in Aberdeen dont have any kittens or young cats...


can your ex not help you out? can you not goout in your lunch break to get a bag of cement? hows things going about getting out of the lease? did you lease through an esate agent? etc, you shouldnt have to contact a olicitor every time you need your landlord to do something

I had the same problem and in the end I bought old fashioned mouse traps. It was horrible to see them in it and clear up the blood but I couldn't live with the mice in my house.

I was getting so I was scared to lift anything in the kitchen for fear of what would be under it. I must have caught about a dozen of them. After a while there were none to be seen and no holes in things. So I either got them all or scared them off LOL.

I did borrow my dads dog at the time too though, just at night as I* was scared to sleep as I'd imagine them running over me. I knew the dog would bark if she sensed them so at least i'd know they were there.

It's a horrible thing to fo through so I don't envy you.

Best of luck with it.

As mentioned previously mice are much less of a hygeine problem than rats but it is a hideous thought to have them running around. If you can't go down the Enviromental health route (ours charge too) get the cheap spring traps - some bargain shops/market stalls sell them for about 99p. Put them in places where the mice usually run. You need to tackle this quickly as the mice will continue to breed. Steel wool (which most hardware shops sell) is very good for blocking small holes and gaps around pipes (and mice don't like chewing through it).

Don't forget the loft - thats where ours were.

Try blocking the large hole with with lots of small stones as a temporary measure. You have a nice warm house with plenty of food (compared to outside) so you have to make your house less attractive to them. Once you have solved the problem make sure to keep some traps set so that if one or two come back you stop the problem before it becomes so serious.

:lol::lol:: you don''t really think a kitten will catch a mouse do you !
You need a cat for that -a mouser and if tot is scared of animals - its a waste of time .
People say they have time for a cat -but when toddler is scared or pulls the cats tails and cat scratches toddler in self defense -out goes cat to rescue or worse .
Stick with the cement idea please.

buy a cat

Note: sorry, already suggested.

If you live in a village, you may find your neighbours have the mice problem too - especially if you're letting them go down the road. Take your children for a stroll, bump into a nice friendly neighbour, get chatting and ask them. The days are much longer now and it will be light when you get back from work. Or even ask them at the weekend, it's always nice to know your neighbours, and villages are normally friendly places. I hope you get mice-free soon. We have them in our attic, and crows too - right noisy horrible things. Traditional mouse traps do work - 3 yesterday for us, 'just add cheese' and you're ready to go.

Oh, and a kittem is more likely to play with the mice for hours and torture it (if ours is anything to go by) rather than a cat who will outright kill. Our older cat eats mice/birds and leaves the skulls and the innards such as the intestines and heart, so be prepared to clear up a yucky bloody mess. This may just be my once upon a time ferrel rescue cat though. I wouldn't change her for the world though, she's lovely.

Buy some expanding foam filler from a DIY store or if you cant for £10 delivered from here:]http//ww…0ml
Just make sure it contains methylene diphenyl diisocyanate. This is very toxic and will kill the mice if they chew it.

Then all you have to do is fill in all the holes around the house. Remember if you can fit your finger in the hole then a mouse can get through the gap.

Now a note on safety. First make sure the kids are away from the house for 24 hours as this product is very toxic. Use rubber glover and covered arms also use safety glasses, if you dont have these use swimming goggles or the like. Also make sure you open all the windows. When it is dry you can neater it up with a stanley blade.

I was just going to add that yes, a can of expanding foam will also do the trick on a hole that small.

I honestly can't believe you have no way of getting to a shop or that you have no friends that would drive you to a DIY store.

Filling the hole with something would have been the first thing I did, a cheap taxi fare (or asking a friend with a car) would have saved your children & mum (and you) a lot of grief over the last few days.

Unbelievable :roll:

Original Poster

Cheers for all the solictor has got hold of my landlord - wasnt thinking straight and his wife is the minister about 15 miles away so she got his number easy enough and has spoken to him so I am expecting him to visit today but now I also have his number to get in touch with him. Will see what he says about me foam fillering this listed building or if he would rather sort it himself! I live in the centre of the village and my landlord also owns the bank this house is attached to (He rents it to them there is a connecting door to bank but its been locked and presume appropriate measures taken at other side (Ex Bank Managers house). They had the gas company in a couple of weeks ago for a few days - they kept coming into my drive because they thought it was parking for the bank - so maybe they have disrupted things there? All my neighbours are mainly businesses as am in the centre of the village and there are a lot of Eastern Europeans here and they kind of stick to themselves...Will see what landlord suggests today and update!

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Just spoke to my sister - she says she will come out on Friday and take a bag of cement - she cant manage before cos its an 80 mile round trip and she works and has a 2 year old so will be handy for plugging any other gaps we find in future along with the foam in a tin stuff. No dont have friends nearby they all live 40 miles away and not close friends as my best friend was my husband who is now living in South America, and friends I had when I met him i lost touch with when we moved away and then I had my daughters. Any with kids spend time with their partners so my best frind is my sister who is coming on Friday. I dont have time to make new friends cos life of a single mum who works full time and stays in a remote village because of market demand at time I needed somewhere to stay is very busy. My mum babysits during day and works weekends and husbands family all live abroad and all my sisters have 1 and 2 year olds so couldnt manage to look after 3, and their partners prefer them to spend weekends with them anyway..
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