Michael Jackson Exhibition - Is it just 9am tickets?

    i want to go see this but was looking on seatwave and all the times say 9am and on ticketmaster it says 23;59????

    am i being thick or cant you just buy tickets for any day and turn up anytime?? its just a museum isnt it? whens it close?


    free on sky - if you can make it - not sure whether any tix are available - worth a look though:thumbsup:…ras

    i went to see the MJ exhibiton at O2 around 2/3 pm before xmas (booked tickets). If you cant get anything online, just phone and book it through the phone (or seek advice), im sure they offer this service. I would advise to book though rather than just turn up but perhaps they have changed their protocol and maybe it is not as busy?

    I just went to the official MJ site and followed the ticketmaster link and it worked fine. With mulitple times available for monday.…nk1 (not sure if that direct link will work)…tml

    edit: On the page it says 23:59, but click find tickets and you can choose your time for the tickets at the bottom

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    cna you just turn up and book ur ticket at the o2, how long are you approx in there for?


    i got free tickets from sky , has anyone actually been ?

    Is it worth it - I know Ive got free tickets and wondering if to pay for parking

    If your a fan of MJ then yeah. Basically, its just a museum full of MJ clothes, gloves, record contracts and stuff like that, plus clothes he was going to wear for the This Is It Tour. Takes around 1 hour to look thru everything.
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