Michelin tyres

    Looking for 2 x Michelin Pilot Exalto tyres at 205 / 55 / 15. I can find them for around £100 each online and fitted, any better offers out there?

    I use to get KwikFit to price match Costco but even Costco themselves are around £98 each, which is the best price so far, and KwikFit will not match them any more.

    Any ideas on where I can get these tyres cheaper?




    try [url][/url]

    not sure how much but worth a go anyway

    try this site, might have to call them as couldnt see 55 listed but 205/50/15 was £79…one

    Try Micheldever - one of the biggest tyre distributors in the UK, they supply ATS! Best bit is, they also will deal direct with the end-user and delivery charges are reasonable (considering how bulky four tyres are!) - web link is ]http//ww…uk/
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