Michelin vs Dunlop, budget, fuel saving tyres

Posted 1st Sep 2016
Hello so i need a new pair of tyres, 205/55/16/91V

The choice is narrowed down to Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse (£57.91) and Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance (£60.35). Yes its only £3 difference but that makes the decision even harder...

Dunlop has better reviews for grip, performance and noise....Michelin has way better review on wear. Currently im on the Michelins and have done 31k miles with them...

Any really bad experiences with either?

Thanks very much

EDIT: Error noticed, thank you, Currently I have Michelin Energy Savers (£67.50), apology for the mistake.
Dunlop? Good Year? Michelin Energy? Michelin Climate?
...so far it does sound that Dunlops aren't worth the saving....?
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