Micro SD card??

I am after some micro SD cards. One for my DS and one for my mobile phone. 2GB will be enough for my DS, I'm not sure for my phone as I don't store films or anything just photos and a few videos.
I am a bit thick when it comes to stuff like this. I've been looking on deal extreme but there are so many different types of card that I haven't a clue!!! Please help me find the cheapest..


try memorybits .co.uk

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linda turnock;6159844

try memorybits .co.uk

Will do thanks :thumbsup:

try play.com or 7dayshopping.com you should be able to pick them up for a couple of quid delivered.

A good deal at the moment is an 8GB card from play.com £10.99


I know you say you don't need 8Gb today but. . . . Bargain if you as me. Works in 3 DS that I know off.

I thought most phones could only take a 2 gb card...correct me if i'm wrong

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Thanks everyone. Rep added

i buy mine from ebay, proper kingston ones i can pm you sellers name if you want to have a browse?
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