Micro SD Card help!

    My MIL has bought a 16gb micro SD card and asked me to put some music on it to play on her mobile phone through a Bluetooth speaker. I copied about 15 albums into it and checked they were there but when she has put it into her phone they have vanished. Any idea on how/why?


    Best formatting the card in the phone before copying music across, that way you know it's in the right format to be read. If it does it again I would suspect a dodgy card, possibly one of those ebay fakes that are 1 to 2gb but show up as larger, files copy across but most are lost.

    Did you create a folder called Music and put them in that if not try it

    First check what format the music was in. Ie .Mp3 .aac .WMA etc.
    Also did you rip them yourself or are they licensed ie encrypted from a service like Amazon
    If from a service you may not have the rights to play them anywhere bar the app or service you purchased them from.
    Also do as above and format card in phone and put files or folders into the music folder(create folder if not there)

    Download h2testw and test the card to make sure it is really 16gb. I use this on every card I buy after once getting a 32gb card that was only really 4gb.

    Also - have you put the card back in whatever you used to fill it ? Are the files still there then ?

    Good luck

    Does she have an app on the mobile that supports whatever type of format of music you installed also a basic music app may not be able to see in the folders?
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    The files are all mp3 either ripped from the cd or downloaded from reputable sites. I created a folder on the card called 'music' and copied the files in. I will try the h2testw as I don't have the phone with me to format the card.

    install vlc media player on the phone, all will work
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