Micro SD to MS Duo adapters for PSP ok?

    I've been using an ancient 128MB MS for my PSP simply because it's only been needed for saves but on browsing the store I've found a few items I'd like to download to it and currently Echochrome is using it all. As I have no need for memory sticks other than the PSP I'd rather pick up a micro SD to MS Duo adapter as micro SD's are a lot more useful, has anyone used one of these, any issues to be aware of? I'm looking specifically at the mymemory one which doesn't support sdhc but I can live with a 2GB limit which should be plenty.




    Other thread has discussed this.

    Summary -> It works, not restricted to 2GB (proven to work with 4/8GB), can have issues formatting and getting it recognized by the PSP, is slower than a Pro Duo or M2 without a doubt regardless of MicroSD class...

    That's about it.

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    Which other thread?

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    Thanks, having a read now.



    Are 16gb M2 or micro sd cards out?

    Thanks =)

    This is a better thread to judge:…lu/

    I got one from DX this week, it works with my 4GB Micro SD card despite it not saying that it is SDHC compatible.

    I expect it to be a fake though…177
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