micro usb port to usb c port conversion

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I've got a Fiio Q1 MkII DAC/Amp that connects up to power or transfers data using its micro usb port.

Using on the move is a huge pain with adapters and the like, so I ordered their specific CL-06 cable which is a short and a little too rigid, with the end result it seems to place undue stress on the connecting ports of a phone and the amp itself.
There don't appear to be any other right angled cables that will allow a phone to be paired up with it.

I've done a little research to see if I can desolder the micro USB port on the Fiio, and replace with a USB type C port, reason being, UGreen do an USB-Type C to Type C cable both with right angled connectors at just under 30cm in length, flexible yet durable, that could allow the phone to be hooked up to the DAC without straining the ports.

Can anybody point me in the right direction, or suggest from their experience if it's a worthwhile excercise?
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Thanks for responding.
I wanted to ideally replace the port on the device and solder in a USB type c socket so that I don't have adapters sticking out just waiting to snap off in a jacket pocket during travelling.
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