Found 8th Jun 2007

This is on the news at the moment, under the guise of 'affordable homes'.
Would you pay £50,000 for what amounts to a tin hut with a fitted kitchen?
Me? I call it an utter rip-off, exploitation of first time buyers looking for a cheap alternative. This isn't even cheap! It's extortion.

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I agree. Ive seen these on tv before.

Not good for anyone on this site. Where would we put all the stuff we really need and buy from Hot Deals.

probably end up saving us money cos we'd have nowhere to put stuff, saw these a few years back or something very similar, i think they were in germany, but i thought they were pretty cool at the time.

but £50k i'd give it a miss

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I think that the original idea came from japan, with overnight stays in 'capsule' rooms. But this is taking that idea too far.
These things are like a cross between a Haven holiday cottage and a council flat in Basildon :whistling:
I would rather live in a hostel than one of these places. Can you imagine the depression factor of living in a place that small? It's would be a mental health hazard. The asking price is what surprises me the most. Fifty grand??
Do they think people are complete mugs? I'd rather buy a caravan and a 4x4 personally. Not that I like 4x4s, it would be a hybrid 4x4 of course
That would be a much better spend than one of these things.
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