Microphone for a kareoke system?

    Does anyone know of a decent microphone on the market which could be used with a kareoke system?
    I'm struggling to find them anywhere online


    Any mic will do as long as it has an echo on it makes you sound better aspecially when you had one to many dixons or currys think Argos also has them not that expensive.

    Why not push the boat out & go for a radiomic then you'll not be tripping over the lead when you have a beer or to if you do. Maplin is one place where you can get one the link below is for a twin system, but you can also get a single radiomic system but I'd tent to go for the twin system as there are times when it takes two baby:w00t:

    As for echo this should be already built into the kareoke system:thumbsup:…669

    Or here's a kareoke radio mic on cpc for £23.23 + shipping…151

    If you do a scearch for a microphone on cpc if you only want a standered one you should find what your looking for but the shipping will be £5+ if your order is under £50
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