Microphone for around £20 from amazon

I'm looking for a reasonably good quality mic for gaming, skype, and youtube videos.

I would prefer a free standing, but it isn't 100% required. I run W10 so would need to be compatible.

I have been looking into condenser microphones but they require an external power source to work which adds extra cost, but I'm not sure whether to get a power supply and a cheaper mic.



i got the ecoopro from amazon. its for £30 no need for an external power source. Search my name Hasnain Majeed in youtube to see the dyson video i made using it. My setup wasnt perfect and i need a shock absorber on the boom arm. But sound is clear and good

The Samson Meteroite USB condenser mic is what I use for Skype and in-game voice chat. I have had mine for more than a year now and it works very well. Just be aware that the integrated USB cable is rather on the short side.

Another good one is the classic Blue Snowball. It is a very solid entry level condenser mic and YouTube favourite of days past, also it is way outside your budget.
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I'll be sure to look into your suggestions, thanks.
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