Found 8th Dec 2017
Has any one got any recommendations for a microscope, just seen the B&m one and it looks plastic
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Guess it depends how much you want to spend and what you want to view, but you can get a budget one for around £20 from toy shops that will still be powerful enough to view microscopic organisms. One of the best little experiments you can do at home is get an old glass jar, fill it with water and then some old leaves and a bit of old soil, leave it for 2 weeks indoors on the window ledge, then put a couple of drops on a slide and view on your microscope, it is amazing all the different organisms swimming about in just a small drop of the water. I done this when I was younger and my mum got me what was basically a toy microscope for under £20.

This one looks identical to the one I had as a teen, and at 900x magnification will be more than powerful enough. smythstoys.com/uk/…839
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I forgot to say, for. 7 year old. Thanks for the replie
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