microsft real player help

    am trying to play a movie for my daughter in my computer how ever real player wont play it

    any sugestions please

    the movie is genuine bought from asda just incasse somebody is wondering if am trying to play a copy


    Doesn't Windows Media Player work?

    google vlc media player, its free and plays 99% of things

    There is no such thing as Microsoft Real Player.

    I think you need to install a DVD decoder like PowerDVD. Maybe it came with your computer.

    Seems you can download older versions of PowerDVD from here (note I have not done this myself so cannot verify the files on that site are going to work)…dvd

    Yeh you will need a dvd decoder.

    Original Poster


    thanks for this will download it later bedtime for lilun now

    am get puzzled with this real player what coould be the problem?


    this is a good 1 will play almost anything

    Original Poster

    i dont have anything to unzip the files will sort it out later thx everybody for your help

    what version of windows are you using, vist comes with a dvd decoder, xp(apart from mce) does not
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