Microsoft customer service

    I had to call microsoft customer service today becuase my xbox 360 wireless adaptor is playing up.called twice first time i called the annoying indian guy didnt understand then cut me off then second time i called it was another indian guy but lucky for me he did understand me it took me around 40 mins before it got sorted

    I was just wondering what are your experiences with microsoft customer service


    Always been flawless with me. Very polite and helpful no matter whos been on the other end. Top of my list then Apple.

    same here couldnt understand me and i got nowhere

    Hi could you send the number as i've 2 lappy's and a desktop I've had to rewind back to June last year due to there update the internet didn't work. Number I found cost arm and a leg.

    Microsoft CS = flawless
    Xbox CS = awful
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