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Found 2nd Dec 2012
hi i have seen that deals have been posted for microsoft expertzone before and they seem to always get a panning so thought i would just post a thread to try and raise awareness for people who are unaware of the benefits or their eligibility.

expertzone is a training website by microsoft, it is open to retailers in the uk who sell microsoft products (xbox's/PC's/Windows phones etc) including but not limited to Currys,Carphone Warehouse, Tescos, Sainsburys, Staples, PC World, Comet, GAME etc.

if you know anyone who works for one of these retailers or another that is eligible then ask them if they are a member, if they are not then get them to sign up and ask if you can use it. They dont have to work for the shop either, as long as they have a payslip for one of the retailers they can work as a delivery driver, a call centre operative, in the companies head office anything as long as the retail company is their employee.

Now if you have got this far and thought "i work in a shop that sells microsoft products" or "my son/cousin/aunty works for currys/tesco/staples" and you wondering what the benefits are they are as follows

once you have signed up to the site and had your employment verified you have a selection of training courses to complete at your leisure, spanning all the different microsoft products, most of the courses take about 5 mins each and you earn points for each one you complete. those points can then be redeemed with as part payment towards a number of items for example

1000 points and £30 gets you a fully packaged product of microsoft office 2011 professional.

x amount of points and £180 gets you an Xbox 360 250Gb console with kinect, 3 months xbox live, 4800 xbox live points and a few kinect games.

there are lots of other offers as well such as 2100 microsoft points for £4.60ish, mice and keyboards at a discount, games for xbox and pc (although most of the time they are older games or a brand new release like halo not a huge selection)

i hope this post helps some people find out about this fantastic site that is eligible for alot of people.

the retail industry in the uk currently employs 2.77 million people with large retailers(employing 500+ people) taking up 66% of that workforce. i cant narrow it down anymore (with statistics that i can find by a 2 second google lol) than that but as i would imagine the supermarkets make up a large amount of this i would say it is a conservative figure to say that at least 1 million people will either work for an eligible retailer or have a close friend or family member that does. but alot of this is pure guess work, it maybe alot less or alot more but i think its reasonable guess.

well as i said i hope this helps people, even if its 1 or 2 people that find this useful i will be happy, as i worked in retail for 6 years before i realised how great it is.

for those who think this is for them the website is:
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Thanks I will have a look
your welcome
I am getting error codes all over the place: can't log in using my windows ID to make an account
They are feckers for checking as well, I remember ordering from them, but they put your order on hold until you send in proof
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I've been in it for quite a while (back when we all jumped in for Windows7) but they are now asking for verification.

Anybody willing to post a blank Currys payslip (with name, address,NI numbers removed).

The scheme is very good as it gives access to knowledge, competitions and cheap one time deals. I'd recommend it to anybody.
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