Microsoft have robbed me of £4.25...

    Ok, only £4.25 I admit, but it's the principle of the thing - how? Well, I logged into my email about an hour ago to find an email confirming purchase of 500 Microsoft points - now I I know for a fact that I haven't told it to buy Microsoft points, and neither did I tell it to get the full version of Uno with 400 of said points.

    My only conclusions - since I've checked and I don't even have either the full or trial versions of Uno on the 360, but it it says that I have downloaded both - are that either (this being the unlikely one) there was a glitch which caused the system to attribute the two downloads plus points charge to me, or (this sounding more likely), somebody somehow got my account details and used my gamertag to do it.

    Want to know why the second seems more likely? See…131 - XBOX Live was hacked.

    When I tried phoning XBOX Live Support (and it took a fair bit of waiting to get through too) - though it was before I knew about the above link -, they kept saying that it must have been me or a another user using my 360, even though I specifically said several times that I know for a fact that I didn't.



    Gamertag hacking is very common.

    Microsoft did me for £60......................I bought Vista
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