microsoft home and student

    just finished the 60 day trial version now looking to buy
    Pc world , Currys etc selling for £89.99 does any one no anywhere cheaper.
    got a ten year old badgering me to upgrade


    ebuyer have it for £74.75…771

    I'll do a bit more searching to see if I can find it cheaper

    If you have a student in the family this will be by far the best option! Get them to buy it and borrow it off them!…asp £38. 95 for the full version (ultimate). It is over £460 on amazon. I bought this yesterday with no problems at all - you can even pay using PAYPAL. All you need is a valid student email address i.e one with a bit at the end.

    Hope this helps!

    Or £74.97 on Amazon for student and home edition
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