Microsoft office 365 2016 from ebay

Found 5th Jan 2018
hi , purchased a Microsoft office 365 2016
is it safe to install...or can seller hack/ ... your computer somehow?

please advise

here is the email after purchase

Thanks for your purchase of Microsoft Office 365 2016 Lifetime License - 5 Devices - Windows & Mac & Mobile!.


Your Microsoft Office 365 account is below:


Username= ******** Password= ******( both given by seller


Please follow the instructions below to install your software...




1. If you already have MS Office installed, then it is VERY IMPORTANT to first uninstall it before following these instructions.

2. Go to

3. Enter your account login information which is above.

4. It will ask you to change your password because this is the first time you sign in so change the password to your own.

5. Now you just have to download Office click on “Install Office 2016” link in the right hand corner and install it. Sometimes it says (set your timezone in the right corner) so click anywhere on the page for this to dissappear and then you may download Office 2016.

safe to use ?
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you are downloading from official microsoft page so how can he hack?
Depends on the recovery settings against the account and what sort of account it is.
If you change the password and the recovery settings and it's not a corporate/business account with a master admin then I can't see what they could do.
more than likely a hacked/spoof account

shouldnt damage your system installing as long as you download from the microsoft system, but be aware it could be revoked at any time.
Didn’t know you could get a life time license of Office 365
paulj4834 m ago

Didn’t know you could get a life time license of Office 365

CLICKY <-- agreed
Just download it and change your password straight after
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