Microsoft Office Professional 2003 CD Enterprise Edition....What is it?

    HI all,

    I have been given a microsoft office professional 2003 enterprise edition 2003 (Volume licence product key required) cd. However, i wanted to list it on ebay and cannot seem to find anything about it

    Can anyone shed any light exactly what this is in comparison to the professional version itself and what price should i be listing this at

    thank you

    a picture of the cd can be seen below....


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    no do not have no key unfortunatly

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    what happens if i get a key and sell it with it

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    it was used throught my mates IT company and can get the key of him


    what happens if i get a key and sell it with it

    Ebay will pull it,You will have to prove that it is genuine,

    The ownership of volume/site licenses is usually non-transferable. Most of these licenses require an annual payment. If the company stops paying for the subscription it becomes de facto pirated software, should you continue to use it.

    The owner of the key is your mate's company cos they purchased it. You cannot sell it legally on ebay. :thumbsup:


    [email protected] just having the CD

    I have the box of a ps3... but no ps3 :-( bad times
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