Microsoft Outlook Spam Filters not working?

    Anyone else getting lots of spam email today in Outlook / Hotmail today. I'm in undated and my spam / junk folder is empty. I know there was a big problem a few months back.


    Mines been fine, working as usual

    Yes ive had loads of spam emails today in my inbox

    Nothing out of the ordinary in mine.

    yes, loads of bingo offers

    Been getting loads of spam lately. Marking them as junk doesn't seem to do anything.


    yes, loads of bingo offers

    ​Bingo and other spam..

    Original Poster

    yip me too

    sick to death with spam . loads every day from casinos and bingo. Block as spam and still get them. unsubscribed still get them. Had at least a dozen today

    Best way to deal with it is use a different email provider, delete the Hotmail, gmail is a lot better.
    Since hotmail went over to outlook it appears harder to block the spam, there whole system is useless.
    The spam emailers use 2 emails, you block one but it appears its another email address buried in the email you need to block, I used to be able to click on the 3 dots on the top of the email and find the 2nd email address, but its not easy to find now


    ​Bingo and other spam..

    Loads of product testing/dyson emails too.
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