Microsoft Points from tesco not working

Found 9th May 2008
ordered 2100 Microsoft Points from for £13.97 on 4th may recieved em today 9th may. entered the code a vouila "invalid code"

Rung microsoft was on about half an hour giving all the details to be told "The code was invalid" and to send it back to tesco

Took to my local tesco had none in stock they rung customer services and apparently they`ve had a few that havent worked and to send it back

anyone else had problems

Anyone else had this problem
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aye i got the same beef..
u got one a few weeks back and worked fine. guess i was lucky :O
i ordered 3 from Tesco one day and 2 the next as they wont allow order 5, the shipment arrived to them on Thursday 08/05/08 and they shipped same day so ordered the second set on thursday after they shipped the first lot, the 3 for myself arrived Friday and 2 for my mate on Saturday, all 5 no good "Invalid code" emailed Microsoft through…htm
put as much info in as possible for each card, certificate of authenticity sticker number, the actual code, the part no. etc, got the Support Ticket Number, waited more than the 24hours for a response e-mail and nothing. So phoned them on 0800 587 1102, went through explaining to them what had happened, they tried all the
CS - "you do realize that you cant use a card from different region"
Me- " Yes, i believe the part number with EN on end indicates its for Europe"
CS- "well the code is Invalid"
Me- "Correct, thats why i am phoning you"
CS- "You need to return it to Tesco then"
ME- "Sorry but most retailers policy is that once the outer wrapper is removed and the Certificate of Authenticity seal is broken, let alone scratch the silver surface off, they cannot refund or replace, so they respond with contact Microsoft as they can verify the number and make sure it not been used"
CS- "It is their fault, so need to contact Tesco"

i then got fed up with this conversation, i resent the issue via the link above and added some of the above conversation with their support, got another Support Ticket number and within about an hour i had an e-mail saying i needed to phone the above number again about the second Support number, so i did immediately and again after going through the whole process of verifying myself and the card numbers with the representative and telling them the policy of the retailers the representative then gave me a new Support Reference number to put in a email as the subject to send a scan of the card (front and back) to escalation support team1, which she gave me the email address to, so i immediately scanned the front + back of cards, the case cover, and the edge of the case showing the Certificate of authenticity number, so that they could see it was for European, valid numbers etc and sent them all for verification to the email address she gave, i have not yet recieved a call from the support team as it has only been 12 hours, expect a call today though, will let you know response when they do. My mate has though and they said it seems to be that either this batch has been sent out for delivery prior to the numbers being Activated on the system or it is the retailer selling them before a set date (which basically is Bull, as it means the same, they shouldn't ship them to retail until activated on system, they are not new launch product) They didn't have new codes available to give him so they forwarded it to H/O to issue him with replacement numbers, so we will see.
they should work now
they seem to have updated their systems as codes now seem to work, mates did so i check mine in a bit
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